Geekzcode (PreICO) (GUT) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Open Source Downloads Website

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Status: ended
Public sale: 28 Feb`18-08 Mar`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Geekzcode (PreICO)

About Geekzcode

Try to imagine any part of work or personal life that isn’t somehow tied to an App of some sort. Software functionality is driving deeper into every aspect of commercial and consumer life.

Geekzcode Ltd is a UK based company, hosting an Open Source Downloads website. We are holding a Crowdfunding Token Event to fund the completion of the website. Donations will receive perks of our utility token, known as Geekz Utility Tokens (GUT). Pledges will be made in Ethereum tokens (ETH) - Pledges made in the Crowdfunding Token Event will receive perks of GUT. is Free to all Users. There are NO annoying Pop up Ads, Mal-adware.

Unlike some other sites we will not redirect you to 3rd party download sites all our software are direct downloads from our dedicated server and completely safe and virus free as we scan all software before posting it.

Users can download Software, Apps and Games without any of the above tricks. is similar to sites like GitHub and Sourceforge but with a big difference.

Membership is FREE and our website caters to three groups of Users.

1. Non-Members who can visit our website and download Open Source Software, Apps, Games.

2. Members, Developers and Programmers who want to download the usual Development tools and Software they need, they can also join our Forum, Create and Publish their projects.

3. Members who want a piece of software created.

This is only part of the story, Geekzcode is creating a paradigm shift, we are bringing together the End Users and the Developers.

Members of will have the opportunity to have a piece of Software or App created or even modified by starting a Bounty, they can keep increasing the Bounty until a Developer or Team of Developers accept the Bounty offered, they will then create the software and receive the Bounty.

Alternatively members can start a Public (FOSS) Bounty and other Members can also donate to that Bounty. Developers can monitor these Bounties and decide to accept a Bounty, they will then Create or Modify that Software, App or Game and will receive the Bounty this will be a way of rewarding those developers who until now have been creating Open Source Software without being rewarded.