updated 09 August 2018

GCOX is the world's first blockchain-powered platform that allows the popularity of celebrities to be tokenised and listed.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Aug`18-31 Aug`18
Cap: 840 000 000 USD
Goal: 360 000 000 USD
Price: 1 ACM = 0.60 USD
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Global Crypto Offering Exchange

GCOX is the world's first blockchain-powered platform that allows the popularity of celebrities to be tokenised and listed. Through GCOX, celebrities can now capitalise on their popularity and reach out to their fans. At the same time, the public can gain more private and exclusive access to celebrities of their choice. While supporting their celebrities, the public can also enjoy the social interaction utility of the tokens they hold. Therefore, GCOX provides a new avenue for participants to see the limitless business potential and immense possibilities brought forth by ACCLAIM Tokens (ACM) and Celebrity Tokens. Celebrities already onboard include boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and football legend Michael Owen.

About Celebrity Tokens

GCOX offers a platform that uses blockchain technology to create and trade Celebrity Tokens. This enables celebrities to unlock the value of their popularity by creating and selling their own Celebrity Tokens on the GCOX Platform. Fans will be able to gain privileged access to their idols by purchasing Celebrity Tokens of their idols. The listings of Celebrity Tokens on exchanges will provide an objective indication of their popularity, seen through the market capitalisation of their Celebrity Tokens as determined by open market forces. The utilisation of these Celebrity Tokens depends on the potential and promise of the celebrities concerned, the size of the community on the platform, the degree of user activity and market acceptance, as well as the participant's choice of potential projects. While celebrities who list their popularity on the platform will have their own personal Celebrity Tokens, the ACCLAIM Token is the native token of the platform.

GCOX's Celebreneur Platform

The word ‘Celebreneur’ is an amalgamation of two words; (i) celebrity, and (ii) entrepreneur. GCOX aims to be the springboard for celebrities to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit and become a successful entrepreneur or in their case, a celebreneur.

There are three programmes within GCOX's Celebreneur platform. They are: 1. Celeb-merchant; 2. Fan-merchant; 3. Celeb-auction.

1. Celeb-merchant provides celebrities with a platform to enhance their existing businesses or product lines, and encourages them to venture into entrepreneurship. This platform will allow celebrities to conduct transactions of goods and services for their existing businesses.

2. The Fan-merchant programme will provide opportunities for fans to be merchants on the platform of their favourite celebrity subject to their agreement. It is also able to leverage on celebrities’ tokens for payment. 

3. The Celeb-auction programme will allow celebrities can auction their items or memorabilia through this program. There will be standard items and special items to be auctioned. The item will go to the highest bidder after a set time has passed.

Technical Info

The Acclaim blockchain is in turn based on the NEO blockchain with 15- 20 second blocks and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (“dBFT”) consensus mechanism. dBFT is a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanism that enables large-scale consensus participation through proxy voting to select a group of consensus nodes. Core level features such as a Decentralised Exchange (“DEX”) will be inbuilt natively on Acclaim blockchain to enable users to easily trade tokens with privacy and complete freedom in a standard and seamless way.



The GCOX project looks like its gonna disrupt the way celebrities and fans interact with each other. Never before is there a platform that allows fans to engage the celebrity directly, allowing a personal insight into their lives. With such a strong board of advisors backing the project, they add great credibility to the success of the project. Understand that Manny Pacquiao, Michael Owen and Jason Derulo are coming in as celebrities on the GCOX platform which are not just another celebrity-endorsement, but an actual partnership to provide a better engagament for fans. Looking forward to the Public Sale launch on 8 August 2018 and I am sure to be taking part in this project. All the best to the GCOX team !


I have been following this project since the start of the year. They have been to many places and have the backing of really powerful advisors. There is no way i will ever miss out on this ICO as it is guaranteed to be a unicorn project. 

I have been looking at a few blockchain projects but nothing catches my eye like this. 

Senator Pacquiao will never stamp his name in any project that he does not trust. 

This will definitely fly. 

To the moon


Such an innovative idea which puts fandom to good use, monetizing it. I see a very competent team, a well-written whitepaper, and the road map looks well planned. What remains to be done - the nitty gritty.


Take care to get the ICO well-publicized as that's the key for success of your ICO.


Been following closely to GCOX's project. Brilliant idea of bringing traditional business onto the Blockchain platform. Its success will pave the way for more traditional businesses adoption of the most revolutionary technology.


An exciting project that brings the celebrity world closer to the fans. To see big stars, like Manny Pacquiao and Michael Owen listing their own coin on GCOX platform seems promising enough. Can't wait to know who is the next celebrity joining this space!


Being the world's first fully licensed crypto token exchange that helps celebrities create, list and trade their own crypto tokens, GCOX is definitely a project that stands out from the rest. Can't wait to see who else they will be signing next!!!