updated 01 January 2018

The Next Big Thing In Gaming

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A term AAA describes mul million dollar game produc ons mainly for consoles and PCs. Only major game publishers like Ac vision Blizzard, Electronic Art , Ubiso , Sony, Microso or Tencent can a ord that. Examples of AAA Games are: Uncharted, Assassins Creed, Grand The Auto, etc.

Most of the game developers these days don’t have access to huge development budgets. They are independent from major game publishers and try to self-publish their games. That‘s why they are cal- led „Indie Games“. With the rise of digital distribu on via Online Gaming Portals or Mobile App Stores, even smaller developers are able to publish their games worldwide. They can publish by their own e orts.

GAWOONI is opera ng in the Mobile Gaming and Online PC market. Also here you can see a trend towards mul million dollar (AAA) produc ons from big publishers and games with regular develop- ment budgets. AAA game produc ons usually excel in great 3D graphics, huge content and a big live opera ng team. Nevertheless, all of this is not a guarantee for success. In the end only long term mo va on, cool ideas and funny gameplay are the key to success. Here also Indie Games can be very successful with simple but challenging game concept.

GAWOONI games always have a unique idea and a link to the real world. More than 70.000 gamer on Facebook are eagerly wai ng for the release of its game „Tuk Tuk Rush“. It has no AAA development budget but a great idea and a funny gameplay.