updated 29 April 2018

The blockchain based AI platform providing personal assistance in cannabis industry

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 May`18-22 Jul`18
Cap: 60 000 ETH
(9 297 000 USD)
Goal: 12 000 ETH
(1 859 400 USD)
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GANA Technologies studies Big Data and AI.

We project that every industrial development will finalize the grafting of AI.

The medical and IT industries have already proven this by applying Watson from IBM and AlphaGo from Google.

The apprehensions of applying AI are wide and involve drawing manipulated results from particular individuals and groups to applying social responsibility and ethics when AI endangers humankind after its application to the field of health and life.

The resolution of the above mentioned social issues shall be achieved by applying blockchain technology to AI. GANA Technologies would like to achieve a solution to this social disquiet through applying blockchain technology to AI.

GANA Technologies would like to make an innovative transformation of the cannabis industry where its technology advances haltingly compare to its rapid growth in size due to the widespread legalization.

To realize this, we have studied various fields in the cannabis industry and confirmed the scarcity of infrastructure for adopting AI.

A data collection channel for learning is required to employ AI and a personalization data collection channel is also essential to provide users with an optimized solution.

GANA Technologies also appreciates the ethical problem of using AI, and suggests solution by managing it through a blockchain based on transparency, integrity, reliability and security.