FundRequest (FND) ICO

updated 16 May 2017

A platform for rewarding open source contributions

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Nov`17-01 Dec`17
Cap: 46 300 ETH
Goal: 6 100 ETH
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FundRequest offers an integrated platform giving people the ability to incentivise developers to fix issues or work on a particular feature/project within the open source community. Developers providing the solution are rewarded for their open source contributions. FundRequest creates a market for those open source projects with a high business value but with little community support and stimulates open source collaboration. Users can fund an issue that impacts them personally or contribute to raising funds for the implementation of a desired feature.

FundRequest are rewarded for their time and effort they invest in supporting open source projects. For contributors who don’t care about the reward, FundRequest offers the ability to donate the rewards to the contributor’s favourite charity. FundRequest helps organisations to use open source without the need of expensive 3rd party licensing and support. Companies can build a supporting community to solve specific issues impacting their business and can decide how much budget they want to allocate.