FundCoin (FND) ICO

updated 27 July 2017

The first ever private equity token

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 30 October 2017
End: 30 November 2017
Cap: 117 000 000 USD
Goal: No info
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FundCoin ICO is the first ever private equity token, providing investors a safer way to invest in the Blockchain.

FundCoin is backed by investments in "Lowestoft", a balanced private equity fund, managed by "Finles Capital" (investment boutique with 30 years of history and responsible fo managment >€500 mln.

The private equity token advantages: - Hedges cryptocurrency market high volatility and correlation due to underlying investments in private companies - Allows crypto investors to profit from participation in an institutional high performance investment asset class - Links crypto capital to the real world, income and growth generated by real companies operating activities — a safer harbor for the upcoming cryptocurrency possible market correction - Regular income generated by private equity investments can be used to buyback FundCoin from the market to support liquidity and quotation and thus create more stability