Filipcoin (FLIP) ICO

updated 03 September 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Feb`18-16 Mar`18
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About Filipcoin

FILIP is a coin conceptualized and developed by the FILIPinos for the world. Like other cryptocurrencies where owners/holders get a leverage of the value of owning a particular coin, FILIPCOIN also has its own use under its primary project which is its own blockchain ecosystem.

Owning FILIP will provide the following benefit:

  • Blockchain Ecosystem for Mobile Application Services

This particular use will allow a non-programmer or IT expert, to make their own mobile application services. This will eliminate the trouble of going through code generation, and will provide ease to its users, hence the beauty of a decentralized system leveraged by having its own blockchain technology.

Through decentralization, increased accessibility of available technology developed though FILIP will be able to cater significant groups of users and target markets covering:

  • Developers – Having the upper knowledge in terms of blockchain and its relevance, developers can easily develop mobile applications which they can in turn sell to their clients, using the developed blockchain by FILIP, through payments of FILIPCOINS.
  • Corporations – With the developed blockchain for mobile services, companies, private or public, will have easier access to generating their own customized/personalized app. Since mobile phones are the most preferred gadget over laptops and tablets due to its convenience and portability, a specific app designed from a company’s preference will allow these corporations to offer a personal touch and service to their clients, and all these will be possible with the FILIP blockchain.
  • Small-Medium Enterprise – For businesses who aim to go big and introduce their products and offers to the bigger global community, the FILIP blockchain, with its business package model will move our SMEs closer to the international market. SMEs will have the opportunity to own a mobile application designed for their business products and services allowing international exposure and facilitating global business transactions.
  • End User – Accessibility to all mobile apps needed and preferred by individual end users, developed by the FILIP blockchain, allowing various transactions using FILIPCOINS.

Under the FILIP blockchain, all transactions paid through and only with FILIPCOINS, will facilitate the FILIPCOIN circulation. With its usefulness and multiple applications, long-term FILIP ‘holders’ will soon be owning a legacy coin which can be used from one generation to another as FILIP continues to provide a more accessible technology while advocating a better quality of life, from the FILIPinos to the world.