updated 27 March 2018

Faxport is a blockchain-based sports business service platform.

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Public sale: 29 Mar`18-24 May`18
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Global Sports Business Platform

axport is a blockchain-based sports business service platform. Faxport will utilise naturally decentralised and unalterable distributed ledger technology to increase security and mutual trust levels, whilst also reducing abuse and establish a trust system for the global sports industry. Thereby, we provide a platform for participants with a user experience based on trust and security.

Sports Business Database

Faxport records global sports industry data, including but not limited to company information, industry information, supply information, venue information, building a 100% fully-trusted database through blockchain.

Sports Business Social Network

By connecting global sports industry participants, everyone can find trustworthy business partner on Faxport.

Sports Talent Recruitment

Recruiters can reach job seekers in a more efficient way by setting up rewards to accelerate and amplify the spread of recruitment information through Faxport.


FAX GO, utilising structures such as community voting and smart contracts to construct a technological solution upon the blockchain, constructs a decentralised sports crowdfunding platform. Users vote for projects they are interested in with their own ballot. Maybe the object is a competition, maybe a start-up or a young athlete.