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An operating online investment platform is expanding service scope to crypto related financial products powered by blockchain. 

Fast Invest Token (FIT)
Cap:388 500 ETH
Goal:777 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 1000 tokens
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The Future of Digital Banking

FAST INVEST is successfully operating business. Since 2015 team of dedicated specialist are developing powerful investment platform that is based on investing in consumer loans across Europe and globally. However, we are expanding and building new infrastructure on the blockchain to offer new digital banking products. We will merge fiat and cryptocurrencies and enable users to use both for their daily banking operations. Lending, borrowing, investing, payments - our day-to-day banking habits avoiding the convoluted bureaucracy. FAST INVEST will provide investment solutions, unlike traditional investment - real estate, private equity, and other structured finance products. We seek to help people generate secure and stable passive income streams and thereby achieve financial freedom.

Our value comes from merging fiat and cryptocurrencies. FAST INVEST community members will have a possibility to use both types of currencies for their daily banking operations. Service like Crypto-proved lending allows users to get a loan in fiat currency and keep the value of bitcoins or ethereums. Digital wallet and digital currency exchange, payment card will enable customer use both types of currencies.

Fast Invest Token (FIT)