Fanfare (FAN) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

Fanfare is the world’s first Social Commerce ecosystem powered by Blockchain technology.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 17 Aug`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 40 000 ETH
(10 840 400 USD)
Goal: 8 000 BTC
(72 728 720 USD)
Price: 1 FAN = 10000 ETH
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Social Commerce Ecosystem powered by Blockchain

Fanfare is a community-based two-sided platform for creating, curating and converting consumer-generated videos into instant Shoppable Videos for brands, Fanfare is purpose-built from ground up to enable Social Commerce.  Its building blocks are conceived and created specifically with Social Commerce and Shoppable Videos in mind from the start.  The features and functionalities have been well-thought out and designed precisely to help brands and consumers connect more intimately, by facilitating an integrated two-way Brand-Consumer engagement, so that brands can expand their relationships with their consumers to maintain trust, familiarity, and positivity.  


Fanfare’s unique feature is enabling a brand to convert any Consumer-Generated Video into a Shoppable Video with ease.  Users can also easily post and share videos on Fanfare like on any social media platform.  The added incentive is that brands can now accurately and cost-effectively add a BUY Button to any of these consumer-generated videos on Fanfare, converting them into instant Shoppable Videos.  


The advantages are that the content creator will get rewarded and the brands can harness the power of Consumer-Generated Videos to build their image, promote their products and drive immediate sales, or for lead generation, while at the same time, creating their own library of viral consumer-generated videos aggregated within their own channel.  


The FAN TOKEN will be the standard currency in Fanfare’s Blockchain-powered Social Commerce community:

  • FAN Tokens would be used by brands as a reward mechanism for content creators by converting their user-generated videos into shoppable videos. This allows every user-generated video to have the potential of becoming a point-of-sale for brands, thus making the entire social platform a marketplace for products.
  • All users are incentivized with FAN Tokens for reward-based activities, such as time spent on watching videos created by their friends or other consumers.  Users can, in turn, use the FAN Tokens they have received as rewards to purchase real world products from the Fanfare eStore.
  • Consumers who purchased products from the Fanfare eStore could further benefit from attractive discounts or additional rewards.


Powered by Blockchain Smart Contracts – every verification process, transaction and incentive pay-out will be efficient and transparent –requiring no intermediaries. Users are rewarded for sharing good content. Brands spend less on advertisements, but obtain better results. Consumers are given better choices, and can feel good about their purchases. Benefits are channelled back to all stakeholders.


By creating an ecosystem where content creators, consumers and brands can connect intimately via the exchange of value through FAN Tokens, Fanfare’s unique model makes a complete change in the way social media users interact with brands and vice-versa, bringing equitable benefits to every stakeholder and creating a much better social commerce experience for everyone.