Faba Invest (FABA) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Faba Helps Companies to Grow

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 May`18-12 Jun`18
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Faba Invest

About Faba Invest

We are the co-creators of human potential Faba LTD is a venture capital company that invests in interesting projects, where Faba is getting company share.

Thanks to this investment and cooperation of Faba mentor team, the valuation of the company raises and then, with the necessary time horizon, the evaluated company shares are sold.

Faba was founded by a group of experienced people, whose interest is to support projects and teams of people with a globally positive ambition to influence the world.

The Common Vision has helped to define the target segments, which are changing the environment today and are contributing to each further step: IT technology and hardware, medicine, education, inventions.

The first investment horizon is set at 8 years, given the average time from financial support to the exit. The holder of Faba token is owning the token for the next investment rounds.