EvoChain (Pre-ICO) (ECHO) ICO

updated 01 January 2018


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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Apr`18-03 May`18
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About EvoChain

Cryptocurrency has grown from humble beginnings. From once being scoffed at andlargely ignored, to raising eyebrows, to now attracting heavy attention from large financial institutions and governments, Cryptocurrency has earned its stripes. There remains room for improvement nonetheless. Problems exist with no good solutions. And opportunities are rife for existing institutions to take advantage of. Mutual gain is the philosophy of EvoChain's development process. Rather than a design model centered around an antagonistic mindset that puts crypto in the crosshairs of big banks, we've decided through careful reasoning that the best approach moving forward for all cryptocurrency is one that incorporates everyone's interests and presents a mutual benefit to all parties involved.

EvoChain is a blockchain technological innovation that offers businesses and institutions the ability to benefit from blockchain technology, by applying it to smart invoices, and instant issue Visa Debit Card Numbers, enabling purchases through crypto even on sites that don't accept crypto payments, by utilizing smart invoices, no coding required, with no fees. The benefits of smart invoicing include error-proof payment systems in which payment receipt errors are impossible by design. Furthermore, EvoChain is compatible universally with other cryptos. Payments can be made or received in all cryptocurrencies. EvoChain's interconnec- tivity is made possible by a inter-compatibility layering protocol which makes communica- tion between chains simple, secure, and instant. By design, the larger the transaction network grows, the more secure it becomes, the faster it operates, without any scaling issues no matter how many transactions occur.

EvoChain's development will be guided by democratic input from the community. EvoChain's blockchain backbone will be fully compatible with all major cryptos and even mainstream financial institutions. Additionally, 10% of ICO funds raised will be dedicated to research & development specifically for future blockchain technology in general, as well as specifically looking into the viability of applying genetic algorithms to blockchain efficiency. Genetic algo- rithms are used to evaluate maximize efficiency for a given task in ways that are not possible through conventional means. Applying this method to the blockchain will enable us to find the most optimal solutions possible for a set of blockchain tasks. EvoChain's token will be used for anonymized data analytics purposes during this research, and instant Visa Debit swaps.