Ethearnal roadmap

updated 01 January 2018

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Public sale: 28 Feb`18-01 Apr`18
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  • 2017

    Mar 2017 - Tinkering with the Idea May 2017 - Research into Game Theory. Jun 2017 - Research into Economic Initiatives. Jul 2017 - Layout of the concept. Aug 2017 - Planning the Minimum Viable Product functionality (MVP). Sep 2017 - Starting Development of Proof of Concept (PoC) technology stack. Oct 2017 - Starting Development of P2P Protocol with Kademlia style DHT. Nov 2017 - Starting development of Web Browser UI ( p2p node client). Dec 2017 - Alpha Release of MVP PoC

  • Q1 2018

    Jan 2018 - Ethearnal Initial Coin Offering (ERT ICO) Feb/Mar 2018 - Integrate Ethereum smart contracts as DAO platform for freelancers and business. Mar 2018 - Integrate IPFS to add another layer of data persistence and availability.

  • Q2 2018

    Apr/May 2018 - Develop own decentralized system for moderating and curating records. May 2018 - Start building strong open source community contributions. Jun 2018 - Release production network and software.

  • Q3 - Q4 2018

    Q3-Q4 2018 - Iterate over continuous integration of new features and bug fixes. Q3 2018 - Start development of mobile platform. Q4 2018 - Release application for iOS & Android.

  • 2019

    OpenAI in the search engine and the Ethearnal Personal Assistant Bot. Reddit ads on all subreddits for getting jobs for crypto. This is the smallest reach, but most targeted auditory. Facebook ads targeting only people in crypto-related and freelance-related Facebook groups at the same time. The people who are in both at the same time are not much, but it is very targeted as well. Linkedin campaign targeting anyone who is involved in crypto and has skill set in demand on the network. AdWords ads to people searching for crypto- and freelance-related stuff. Airdrop of ERT to all ether addresses with non-insigni cant balances. Bounties for users of the system who achieve rst certain marks (i.e. jobs done, money spent, and so on), thus adding a gami cation element and opportunities to make announcements. Measure performance. Adjust. Repeat. Google Adwords at Google Search. Targeting 1000s of long tail key phrases related to online freelance work and finding freelancers (for the employers). Having 1000s of long tail phrases allows for much lower cost per click (CPC) with the bene t of having very targeted traffic. Facebook ads optimized for high click through rates (CTR), so that the CPC gets lower and lower with time. This is how Facebook ads work. The higher CTR you have, the lower the CPC becomes. We will target fans of relevant freelance pages.