EtainPower Token ICO roadmap

updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 07 May`18-30 Jun`18
Cap: No info
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  • Q3, 2017

    EtainPower officially started.

  • Q2, 2018

    EPR Token 1.0. EPR ICO.

  • Q3, 2018

    PPS Token 1.0. PPS Wallet 1.0. Finalizing auditing criterion for project financing.

  • Q4, 2018

    PPS Selling Platform.beta. 600MW Energy projects contracts signed.

  • Q1, 2019

    Platform 1.0. Raising capital for 1st project in Antigua.

  • Q2, 2019

    PPS 2.0. Developing U.S. and Asian Markets.

  • Q3, 2019

    PPS Wallet 2.0. Sign contracts with service providers. PPS of the 1st project is ready to use.

  • Q4, 2019

    Releasing EV-rental & EV-Charging services. Developong power utility clients. Raising capital for 2.6 GW projects.

  • Q1, 2020

    Releasing P2P trading applications. Sign contracts with power utility companies.

  • Q2, 2020

    PPS 3.0 (Microgrid). Smart grid sofware development. Smart grid hardware development. Completed transactions between utilities and users.

  • Q3, 2020

    Smart grid system. Releasing smart grid system in Caribben Islands.

  • Q4, 2020

    Smart grid system 2.0. Raising smart grid in Southeast Asian. Rasising Capital for 8.6 GW projects.