updated 01 January 2018

Decentralized commercial blockchain platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Jan`18-07 Feb`18
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Secure/decentralized distributed commercial data common node

A Traditional centralized development platform is used for centralized storage of enterprise customer business data. It is vulnerable and has potential risks of data abuse and internal theft. Strict data security strategy and confidentiality agreement should be specifically formulated. The common node of EPOCH solution distributed storage and fault-tolerant mechanism can ensure data security for you to the maximum extent.

BFT-POS algorithm for credible/independent intellectual property rights

Through reference to the basic ideas and underlying technologies of pow and pos in design, and employing the commercial bft-pos algorithm with independent intellectual property, in addition to power consumption saving, EPO token can realize new breakthrough of node data encryption. It can implement intelligent execution of enterprise data flow and ensure data reliability to the maximum extent through creatively utilizing the contract enforcement mechanism generated by smart contract.

Diversified, custom-developed api interface framework realized by an efficient/block network deployment and business line migration

In order to obtain similar ability, generally traditional enterprise business line data migration and cross-platform collaborative development should accumulate considerable degree of technical strength due to the long duration and great technical difficulty. EPOCH commercial solution has considered framework design carefully, realized multilingual interface adaptation. The customized interface has realized a product combined architecture integrated with storage, intermediate layer and application layer which can meet efficient and convenient invoking and access requirements.