Enzym roadmap

updated 03 August 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 03 Aug`18-03 Aug`18
Cap: 25 000 ETH
Goal: 1 250 ETH
Price: 1 ZYM = 0.0000038 ETH
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  • S2 (2018)

    ICO platform up and running. Enzym prototype​: proof-of-concept of some parts of future user interactions Pre-sale: October 22 - November 5, 2018. ICO: November 19 - December 10, 2018.

  • Q1 (2019)

    Recruitment. Start of the development of the Enzym dApp. Selection of a communication agency. Start of the marketing of tokens to European venue owners.

  • Q2 (2019)

    Enzym platform v1​: functional mobile app, data storage on servers. Determination of the European marketing strategy. Technical validation of the distribution of tokens via the newsletter and the QR code technology v1.

  • Q3 (2019)

    Launch of an operational Enzym platform in French and English. Start of promotional communication: media reports, content creation and diffusion, events in major cities in France and in the US.

  • Q4 (2019)

    Enzym platform v2​: operational blockchain, user interactions through smart contracts, end-to-end data encryption, decentralized user data. Constitution of a European team for the sale of tokens. Study and validation of technical solutions for the distribution of tokens in venues.

  • S1 (2020)

    Enzym platform v2​: increased decentralization, near-serverless operation Translations, UX modifications : Russian, Spanish, Portuguese. Promotion : Russia, Spain, Portugal, Latin America.

  • S2 (2020)

    Translations, UX modifications and promotion : Indian, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.