envion (EVN) ICO

updated 15 November 2017

Start-up from the heart of Berlin has pioneered decentralized mobile mining by combining blockchain with regenerative energy

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Dec`17-31 Dec`17
Cap: 150 000 000 USD
Goal: 100 000 000 USD
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Current challenges in energy and blockchain

The blockchain industry is suffering from an ever-increasing energy demand. This can mainly be explained by the fact that transactions take up high amounts of mostly fossil energy. At the same time, Envion sees an ever-increasing production of clean regenerative energy, which frequently gets lost due to maxed out energy grids. This results in locally available excess energy, as solar power plants produce overcapacities. These overcapacities can now efficiently be used by envion’s innovative mobile mining units.

Envion’s solutions

Envion has developed fully automated (“industry 4.0”), mobile mining units (MMU) inside standardized intermodal shipping containers that can be shipped to virtually any location in the world within days or weeks, decentralizing the blockchain infrastructure. Envion mobile mining units are designed and built to operate at remote locations near energy sources such as solar plants, wind turbines or hydropower plants. This allows envion to make use of energy overcapacities in a profitable setting. The mobility of the MMU furthermore allows for targeted placement of the units at sites requiring thermal energy and can be used for heating. This way, envion recycles energy consumed in the MMU for external heating purposes in buildings or greenhouses and achieves revolutionarily low electricity prices. Envion’s MMUs can be integrated into a smart grid and flexibly move energy demand closer to energy supply and hence, take the burden off the grid.

Investment opportunities

Envion’s ambitious goal is to have the lowest cost structure in the blockchain mining industry. By combining GPU-based mining with ASIC mining, investors in EVN tokens receive a 161%. Its unique position as the only truly mobile mining operation combined with a tested, optimized and streamlined technology puts them among the top players, even in this highly competitive market - but with considerably lower risks involved. The key aspect here is that, following a community-approach, 100% of mining profits will directly go to the EVN token holder community. 75% of this will be distributed to token holders on a weekly basis, the remaining 25% will be re-invested in MMUs to keep on growing the profits for the community. The pioneering company does not stop here, however, they construct and operate mobile mining units for third party operations as well. This means that third party investors acquire envion hardware, while 35% of these profits go directly to EVN token holders.



Decentralizing the blockchain network further, with containers! Great. This is how Africa might get into cryptocurrency. If we look at the recent Zimbabwe issues, we understand how this is important. Good Concept.


This is true. As a South African, I live right next to Zimbabwe. During the recent developments in their presidency, the price of bitcoin at their local exchanges spiked to nearly double the price on international exchanges. This shows that bitcoin is really a strong store of value in political turmoil - one that is not influenced by government activities.


Great core team and advisors and concept. Very detailed Whitepaper. 5*****


I have been following blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for a while now, however the detrimental impact it has on the environment and ethical issues relating to the extensive energy requirements has kept me at bay. But after discovering envion, and reading about their fabulous utilisation of green technology in their detailed whitepaper, I must say I have changed my tune! A solid looking project that I am seriously considering investing in - great work team!


My favorit Projekt!!!!... GREEEN MINING.. Solar Powered mining container. in Germany the energy price is 30 cent.. and if you have a pv Plant, you get 8 cent,,.....


Awesome... I've read that the Envion team had received offers for as low as $0.03 per kwh. So they're reducing one of the largest running costs to any mining activity - and returns should thus be through the roof! Wish I'd thought of this first...


Ive been following Envion for quite some time now and can say that I am more than impressed by the idea and the professionalism it will be conducted. They already have a working prototype and the concept will be rewarding for investors as for the company, while at the same time protecting our environment. This is by far the best ICO for me this year!


With the first security of its kind, Envion is already unique - what makes them really unique is their approach go evolve crypto mining.

News and magazines starting to post about the immense energy consumption of crypto mining. Envion wants to solve two issues with one shot: Due to the massive expansion of renewable energy power plants, provider facing issues selling their energy. Envion offers a solution with their so called Mobile Mining Units (MMU). These MMUs can be placed all around the world consuming the energy directly at the energy plant. At the same time Envion supports the decentralization of crypto mining, which is much needed.

Give this project a shot. This is the future.


Earn money by helping the planet, what could be better?

At present mining will absorb a lot of energy and in 2020 the terawatt consumed for mining operations will exceed the energy needs of the whole of Denmark.

So we have a scenario for nothing rosy for our planet considering that currently the energy used for mining operations does not come from renewable sources and therefore seriously impacts on the environment.

However, Envion has studied a green solution to the problem that promises to help the planet using renewable energy sources and at the same time enriching us investors with a 161% roi.

Furthermore, with Envion, mining will not be carried out in large data centers but in containers for mobility and flexibility. If a state were to ban mining, or if the price of energy were to rise, the containers are moved where it is convenient.


For now crypto mining will keep consuming vast amount of energy. This energy is fossil fueled which damages our CO2-Footprint. So why not working out a concept, which consumes renewable energy instead of fossil fueled energy?

Here comes envion into play. They are placing MMUs all around the world supporting decentralization and our green planet.

Even when crypto mining will be less popular envion will be the go-to for blockchain infrastructure. Companies can be sure their data is decentralized all over the world.

I think we are currently experiencing a really awesome project, which even promise less than it could promise. We will see great people, doing great things, driving this project to a huge success.


Totally agree with what the commentators above wrote. Envions vision is game changing. This ICO might be the disruptor we all have been waiting for.

Today I recalculated the ROI of 161% that was calculated by Envion. I recalculated it with the current pricing of the top crypto currencies that will most likely be mined, and the outcome was enormous. We as investors, might get an annual ROI of over 400%, this is no joke, you can do the math yourself. Imagine prices of crypto rising even higher, this would mean anoter multiply for the ROI.

I think that this ICO can bring wealth to the investors while at the same time protecting our environment. The goals are ambitious, but they are not unreachable. I strongly believe in the capability of Envion to go through with their plans. They got many high profile people on their board of advisors and it is likely that there are many more to come.

Join the mining revolution! Envion ICO will start in about 15 hours, be ready!


Has anyone else invested in this token yet? I see that they've sold just over $34 million as per the ticker on the website. If taking the discounts into account, and if my calculations are correct, that is more than a third of all coins sold.


Has anyone else invested in this token yet? I see that they've sold just over $34 million as per the ticker on the website. If taking the discounts into account, and if my calculations are correct, that is more than a third of all coins sold.