Engyo (PreICO) (ENGYO) ICO

updated 06 September 2018

Powering NGOs

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-01 Oct`18
Cap: 1 500 ETH
(408 135 USD)
Goal: 1 000 ETH
(272 090 USD)
Price: 1 ENGYO = 0.000002 ETH
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Engyo (PreICO)

About Engyo

Engyo proudly announced its universal cryptocurrency platform for donors and NGOs. The platform offers a great opportunity to donors to browse through different NGOs/projects and donate to NGOs/projects of their choice. Threw Engyo, all transaction become transparent, trackable and reliable.  All unnecessary barriers, intermediaries, and regulation are removed, and this makes the system to become cost-effective and extremely fast at the same time.

Engyo seeks to be the preferred method for making online donations.

Engyo is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by the Engyo Token. The platform allows through an easy-to-use interface, a perfect connection between donors and NGOs, while offering full transparency and traceability of donations.

Engyo will integrate in one single platform several services including:

1.    A built-in wallet to store and donate easily to NGOs and different projects of choice

2.    An internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into Engyo token

3.    An explorer to track donations transparently

4.    A marketplace for professionals/service providers eager to work for NGOs (and earn ENGYO tokens in the process)

5.    Embedded bonus buttons/widgets in different major retailers shopping carts

6.    Embedded donation buttons/widgets or links in different major NGO sites – practically any site.

Engyo mission is creating an instant, continuous and fluid cash flow between donors, NGOs all around the world and third parties such as professionals or service providers, and so closing the circle of use for the ENGYO token. This is a truly unique idea, that will make ENGYO the payment of choice for charity jobs and charity related work all around the world.

Donors will be able to convert major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Verge into Engyo, with the aim to add an increasing number of cryptocurrencies and at least one fiat currency in the future.

The Engyo wallet address can also be integrated into NGOs’ websites, in order to allow Engyo registered charities to accept donations in different cryptocurrencies directly on their website.

Donors can register anonymously or with different information regarding their personal data. Engyo will be developing an advanced tracking system called Donation Follow-up System (DFS), that will allow donors to receive notifications for every step of the donation flow.

These elements of the platform will allow charities to simply manage all donations received within a single wallet and provide transparency and traceability through the ENGYO DFS.

Engyo will also give NGOs the opportunity to integrate an ENGYO DONATION BUTTON / WIDGET in their websites to further enhance the flow of donations. This button will automatically redirect donors to the Engyo Web Platform or the Google Chrome extension to finalize the donation (transaction). In this way, Engyo will be the simplest, most reliable and transparent method of donating.

Only by clicking the DONATE “n” ENGYO BUTTON / WIDGET in the NGO’s site (or any site), the users will be transferred to the Engyo website or Mobile app so donations to the specific NGO or project will be almost instantly finalized.

In addition, Engyo will give online retailers the opportunity to integrate an ENGYO BONUS BUTTON / WIDGET in their Shopping Cart. This will act as an extra inducement for the customer to buy a specific item and get a predetermined bonus buy just entering his Engyo wallet address (ER-20 wallet address). More buying will lead to more donations in the Engyo Platform. The chance of now new ENGYO owners to just sell their tokens on exchanges and get the equivalent of a few dollars in Bitcoin or some other coin is low, they will probably just prefer to make normal donations in the app/platform.

Since the platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, all transactions are transparent, trackable and reliable. Removing unnecessary barriers, intermediaries and regulations makes the system cost-effective and extremely fast at the same time. Blockchain will take global charity to a next qualitative and safe level, which will significantly increase its effectiveness and impact in the real world.


• Instant ubiquitous micro, big or huge DONATIONS

• NGOs’ internal transfers

• NGOs’ external transfers

• Marketplace for professionals/service providers