empowr (empw) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Empowr is a Democratic Social Economy

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Apr`18-15 Apr`18
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About empowr

A better social network
The product (http://www.empowr.com/) is a democratic social economy, currently in open alpha with 800,000 active test users who earn currency by selling or sharing physical or digital goods and services, posting and sharing content, and much more. Users self-govern by electing the company’s president, senators and congresspersons.

The business model
Instead of focusing on addicting users to sell their eyeballs to corporations, the empowr community is uniquely enabling the “sharing of everything” (https://rebrand.ly/EFF) IE: Not sharing your car or spare bedroom but millions of other products that go underutilized.

Initial Coin Supply
Beginning on April 15th, 2018, empowr will commence a token distribution event that will disperse 500 million units of empowr coins, constituting 100% of the initial available liquid supply.

In line with its democratic ideals, empowr will distribute the entirety of its initial coin supply to the community for free. Recipients will include empowr’s community of users, success coaches, advisors, partners and employees. Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will also be provided empowr coins completely free of charge.

User minting
Following the token distribution event, empowr users will be able to mint coins by posting and sharing.

To enable the minting of coins, each month the empowr smart contract with release newly minted coins to the empowr marketing and compensation engine. Each month’s coin release will be exactly 1 percent smaller than the prior month’s release in perpetuity, diminishing to near-zero in the future.