Empire Card (EMP) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Tomorrow’s Cryptocurrency Card

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 Aug`17-21 Sep`17
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Empire Card

About Empire Card

Empire Card is the first crypto debit card that decentralizes value creation into the hands of coin holders and card holders via a smart contract. A development of the technology pioneered and expanded by projects such as TenX and TokenCard, Empire Card allows users to make fiat currency transactions while keeping their currency until the moment of the transaction. Unlike prior crypto card projects, Empire Card exercises unprecedented transparency both in terms of network fees and exchange rates, offers major credit card style perks and advantages, and its token acts as a share in the Empire Card project, receiving monthly dividends on the card’s performance.

To the digital currency community and general public we present Empire Card. The physical Empire Card will be usable in over 190 countries and over 30 million payment points due to card issuance partnerships with VISA and MasterCard. Empire Card holds every major digital currency, and immediately exchanges it for fiat currency at the moment of transaction.

The Empire Card project is based on the underlying belief that the general public are not ready to abandon every aspect of the traditional banking model, and aims to introduce cryptocurrency to a new audience while not overly-interfering with a model the public at large are accustomed to. For this reason, Empire Card also offers the elite credit card style perks that credit card users are familiar with such as air miles, access to airport lounges and hotel points. The general public are being presented with a crypto currency solution that combines the simplicity of a cash transaction, with the perks of a credit card swipe and the anonymity and near fee-less reality that digital currency affords.