Elrond Network (ERD) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

Elrond introduces a new blockchain architecture that can out-scale VISA

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About ICO

Have you ever wondered why everybody talks how many advantages blockchain brings to the financial sector and yet we are still stuck with products that use the old centralized approach? What is the reason for not having a global blockchain powered financial solution to this very day? The answer is simple – scalability issue.

Elrond developed a groundbreaking architecture that uses Adaptive State Sharding to solve the blockchain scalability issues. The processing power of our network increases in proportion to the number of connected nodes allowing for limitless scalability.



It is too early in order to determine whether the team will be able to produce an outstanding project. With that said, the main team is promising and based on their network and previous relevant experience, there is a relatively high probability that they will be able to give their competitors at least some things to think about.  Lastly, it is important that the team deploy their marketing and business strategy efforts as soon as possible, and do not wait too long before attracting interesting parties into their community. That's what I've heard from the experts at https://revico.pro