updated 30 August 2018

ELEMENTS offers easy exposure to top crypto hedge funds with outstanding historical performance.

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-31 Dec`18
Cap: 150 000 000 USD
Goal: 10 000 000 BTC
(63 780 300 000 USD)
Price: 1 ELMS = 100 USD
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ELEMENTS Explained

ELEMENTS is the first blockchain-based fund that offers its token holders easy exposure to the best investment opportunities in the crypto space. The capital of the fund will be raised through ICO campaign in 2018 and reinvested in world-class crypto hedge funds. We consider investing in Pollychain Capital, Pantera Capital, Metastable Capital, Blocktower Capital, and Grayscale Investments, at the moment.


Each ELEMENTS token will represent a stake in ELEMENTS fund and its value will be linked to the performance of underlying investments, best-in-class crypto hedge funds. Unlike typical ICO tokens, ELEMENTS tokens will have a real intrinsic value being secured by a USD capital invested in the most profitable crypto hedge funds worldwide. 

ELEMENTS Transparency

ELEMENTS team believes that transparency, along with profitability, is the most important factor in global financial markets and emerging blockchain economy. ELEMENTS investor reports will be delivered and its Net Asset Value (NAV) will be disclosed at the end of each month. An annual audit will be performed to review ELEMENTS fund's operations and its actual holdings.


ELEMENTS team consists of investment professionals with decades of combined experience in banking & finance industry. All ELEMENTS team members graduated from the top-tier business schools around the globe, have extensive experience in alternative investments, and  are passionate about potential disruption of traditional financial markets by blockchain technology.

Typical ICO Token VS ELEMENTS Token:

1) RISK. Typical ICO Token: High Idiosyncratic (Unsystematic) Risk as investment is made in a single ICO project with no track record. ELEMENTS Token: The Risk is Diversifiable as investments are made in a variety of the best performing crypto hedge funds.

2) RETURN. Typical ICO Token: The investment is speculative by nature as there is no certainty how ICO project will perform and what will the value of its token be. ELEMENTS Token: ELEMENTS invests in crypto hedge funds that have excellent historical performance and many years of successful track record.

3) ACCESS TO PRIVATE DEALS. Typical ICO Token: Regular investors do not have access to private deals like Telegram's ICO and cannot buy tokens with deepest possible discounts. ELEMENTS Token: Crypto funds have access to private deals and can invest in the most promising blockchain projects that are not opened to public.

4) INVESTMENT STRATEGY. Typical ICO Token: Buy & hold strategy can rarely provide superior returns during bull market and can incur substantial losses during bear market. ELEMENTS Token: Crypto hedge fund that use active portfolio management approach can earn substantial returns in any market environment.

5) DUE DILIGENCE. Typical ICO Token: It's extremely hard for a regular investor to evaluate all possible risks inherent to ICO project. ELEMENTS Token: Crypto hedge funds perform rigorous due diligence and legal review when they invest in digital assets.