updated 01 January 2018

Blockchain intelligent medicine

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Jan`18-05 Feb`18
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About ELCoin

We present the project for the implementation of a unique investment blockchain product - the ELCoin derivative, which is based on real manufacture and is backed by a reliable product constantly in demand worldwide - medical and health equipment, supplemented with Blockchain Medical Platform.

We offer an ambitious project covering several areas in the medical and healthcare industry, linking them in a single structure. We distinguish two major focus areas of our project:

  • Manufacturing of medical and healthcare equipment, on the ground of a global base of scientific and technological knowledge and proprietary developments;
  • Creation of a web based Medical Platform, using blockchain technologies to fully support physicians and healthcare professionals, as well as people in need of medical care, counseling or simply interested in health issues and healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest advantages of our project is the fact, that it is based on a real and working production business. The company is established in 1993 in Moscow. The main kind of activity is production of wellness and medical equipment, consultations and training. We are working with the number of doctors and practitioners from different countries. In 2015 we decided to begin transferring our main activities to European Union. The same year we registered the company in Riga, Latvia under the name Scientific and Production Enterprise (S.P.E. ELIS).

Owners of ELCoins are fully protected, as they can always decide, whether to exchange ELCoins for real products with a discount, or keep them for further actions.

At the moment, our company is developing a number of new medical devices and the Blockchain Medical Platform for the implementation of the project. To date, we have already invested more than US$ 2,5 million in researches and development.

We decided to opt for fundraising through the blockchain system and entering the ICO in order to accelerate the completion of the commenced unique developments that have no analogues in the world and the subsequent entry into the world market.

The project has not only an attractive and highly profitable financial side, but also a high social importance and responsibility as it is meant to increase the availability of medical and healthcare services, to improve the diagnostics capabilities of various diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases, to enhance the quality of life, to significantly increase the rate of healing and timely assistance.