updated 19 July 2018

Stable cryptocurrency, backed by gold. Our own blockchain with PoS consensus algorithm. ATM for buying/selling and storing physical gold.

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 01 August 2018
End: 01 October 2018
Cap: 1 300 000 USD
Goal: 1 300 000 USD
Price: 1 EGD = 0.09 USD
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GOLD. Solid Asset with Liquidity

EGold is a blockchain-based platform that uses GOLD digital assets, which are 100% backed by delivery futures or physical gold. This means that one GOLD costs the same as one ounce of gold on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. EGold stores physical gold in US Federal Reserve System banks and in Singapore SGPMX custodians, and with the intention that its gold reserves should constantly support or exceed the number of GOLD assets it has in circulation.