EcoGEM Club (EcoGEM) ICO

updated 26 July 2018

Гибридная солнечно-ветровая электростанция, работающая на смартконтракте и майнинг-завод по производству криптовалют. Автономный комплекс.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Jun`18-15 Jul`18
Cap: No info
Goal: 58 550 ETH
(8 137 279 USD)
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Low Cost Green Energy For Mining Is More Than Ever

1. Low cost green energy generated by hybrid solar and wind power stations which goes mainly to the mining purposes.

2. A small rent fee for the mining equipment.

3. Monitoring for the mining equipment in 24/7 mode by specialists.

4. The implication of a specialized security agency on the sites using a videocamera surveillance within the site perimeter and broadcasting to the Internet are in place.

5. The sites work as an exhibition stand where anyone can purchase a ready-made miner (ASIC, mining rig) or a mini-power plant using only EcoGEM token.

6. Other services.