updated 22 May 2017

World's first-ever green project ICO. Now you can participate for a greener future.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 09 Apr`17-15 Jun`17
Cap: No info
Goal: 10 000 000 USD
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Invest for greener future

Climate change and global warming is real, it is happening right before our eyes at a very rampant pace and it is up to everyone of us to do our part to put a stop to this. Our movement helps you contribute by investing in sustainable environmental projects. in the long run help reduce carbon footprints thus slowly but surely help in the healing process of the planet while at the same time earn an attractive return on your investment.

What you are about to watch will change your life

The truth has been hidden from you by mass media and what you are about to watch will be heartbreaking. EcoBit want you the learn the truth as it is championing the fight against climate change. As how Al Gore inspired Leonardo DiCaprio to be a climate activist, EcoBit aims to inspire everyone to take on this fight. Don't miss out as we are now closer to changing the world than ever before! It is up to us to make a change for a better future. Watch this video to learn more about what is happening and what we can do to stop it.

Ecobit blockchain card

EcoBit Blockchain Card is the world's first implementation of paying to and receiving of EcoBits on a smartcard. This card is also the world's first implementation of blockchain on a smartcard using NEM technology. EcoBit uses NEM as the underlying blockchain technology. The EcoBit Blockchain Card also uses NEM as the underlying technology. It contains an EcoBit wallet and can interact with other EcoBit wallets on smart devices and desktops. This EcoBit Blockchain Card is used in the EcoBit ecology to pay EcoBits to anyone when recycling cans using the EcoBit Recycling Vending Machines. It can be used to make payments for goods and services whether in shops, eshop online and EcoBit Vending Machines. Apart from payments and receipts, the EcoBit Blockchain Card also maintains bonuses and rewards accorded to EcoBit owners to encourage using and buying more EcoBits.

Backed by real projects

EcoBit is unique amongst all Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in that there are EcoBit related businesses that are generating revenue and benefits to EcoBit owners. In phase 1, one million acres of tropical forest were assigned to EcoBit to manage for 30 years by a Malaysian State Government. EcoBit will use this to create a Carbon Offset that can be monetized for the next 30 years. This gives an ongoing revenue stream that can be used to increase demand for EcoBits into the future. EcoBit is actively building projects and businesses that will bring more revenue and benefits where owners of EcoBit will enjoy. It will also be the first to have active value building projects and businesses which are eco-friendly and self-sustaining. The Phase 2 launch will see aquaponic and spirulina farms, organic fish and prawn farms and organic produce and free range farm like chickens, ducks, goats and etc.

Traceability of supply of produce

Another unique EcoBit initiative is to use blockchain technology to deploy traceability disciplines on all EcoBit chain of produce movement. This is a classic challenge for ages and EcoBit is using NEM blockchain technology to track the certificates, movement and records with NEM's digital ledgers to ensure full integrity from production to delivery of EcoBit produce. EcoBit owns these eco-friendly businesses and will demonstrate that this first in the world implementation for traceability is practical and reliable using blockchain technology which is now available. EcoBit will deploy this application as each of Phase 2 projects come on-stream and those consuming the produce can be sure of the points of origination to the points of delivery. For more information about Ecobit blockchain technology.

Proof-Of-Stake (POS) bonuses

As a EcoBit owner , " the more they save , the more they earn" as we employ Proof- Of-Stake (POS) concept , where the system will rewards EcoBit owner with bonuses when they keep their EcoBit more than 6 months, after that the system will be automatically calculated on pro rated basis. Every 6 months , EcoBit will make a public announcement on the Bonuses and credit them automatically. As a proud owner of EcoBit, one can see growth in value by just keeping them. The reason why EcoBit can make such an offer is that EcoBit has real businesses that generate income that can pay bonuses on an annual basis. Phase 1 is already completed with 1 million acres of tropical forest to be used for Carbon Offset and monetized. This is a 30 year concession for EcoBit. More tropical forests are under discussion to be added to the EcoBit portfolio in the coming months. This unique offer makes EcoBit a class act on its own.