updated 01 January 2018

Coin for Community, Decentralized and Anonymous

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 Feb`18-05 May`18
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About ECKO Coin

In the world of crypto currencies there are thousands of coins and hundred of ICOs for coins and tokens using different technologies and supporting various industries. Introducing ECKO Coin, a decentralized crypto currency designed under the management of Real World Community (RWC). ECKO Coin designed by keeping in mind, the community and providing an opportunity scarcely heard of in the crypto currency industry. A decentralized coin yet transparent. Get to know the owners, be an owner.

ECKO is a coin developed for the community. Common people will have the opportunity to earn through products launched in the ECKO platform. VisionCPE20, Community Paradise 2020 providing virtual experience and earning real time. 3 Products, a marketplace, a peer to peer exchange and virtual gaming world with high levels of security but very user friendly with ECKO as the payment mode. Scam free experience, responsive support and amazing earning opportunities packaged in each of the products. A platform that helps interact real time with products from a different industry. The fees from the products will be distributed to the co-owners and round 1 participants in the ICO, proportionately and also will be used for future developments and updates.