Eastads Credits (ECR) ICO

updated 07 September 2018

EASTADS Credits is an e-commerce solution targeted at Africa

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Sep`18-16 Oct`18
Cap: 8 283 ETH
(1452009.9 USD)
Goal: 3 111 ETH
(545358.3 USD)
Price: 1 ECR = 0.01 USD
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EASTADS is a peer-2-peer marketplace that collects all payment forms and makes them available on a single platform. Users will be able to trade, sell and buy goods directly from each other without the need for intermediaries to secure transactions. The use of the blockchain technology will make the platform trustless and safe. In addition, fees will be reduced, allowing both the buyer and the seller to make more profitable operations.
EASTADS is explicitly aimed at the Nigerian market, therefore driving cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria in particular and in Africa as a whole!



Eastads project is the blockchain solution to eCommerce in Africa. We are building the African eBay with blockchain payments and price options. Our marketplace model and eCommerce scheme will enable users to buy and sell using ECR token on both P2P and A2P integration. Our marketplace will be supported by other projects of ours- Eastads Blockchain Logistics network and eastads ECR-Fiat Exchange.

Our fiat exchange is to make purchase and sell of ECR with local currency easy for our market users.

We already have a Nigerian marketplace (eastads.com.ng) with Naira, ECR, Bitcoin and ETN as price options. While BTC and Naira are the currently integrated payment options. After we have released our African marketplace to the public, we will upgrade this Nigerian marketplace and merge to the pan African marketplace.

We are raising funds to commence our project in full scale. To disrupt the trillion dollar ecommerce industry in Africa with blockchain payment of goods and services using ECR tokens.

Our project will solve scalability issues, trust issues and also bring in new money to the cryptoverse.