dueltoken.io (DUEL) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Friendly Game Duels With Stakes

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Status: ended
Public sale: 17 Mar`18-25 Mar`18
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About dueltoken.io

The dueltoken.io platform is the ecosystem to challenge your friends, teammates or gaming opponents to a friendly duel with a wager, in your favorite games and on your favorite devices. It is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp where duelists can stake any amount of DUEL directly from their wallet.

Dueltoken.io provides an open-source platform, where trustless duels can happen without depositing funds to an organization. An Ethereum smart contract will contain all the rules for the duel, so you know upfront that it will be a fair fight. The staked amounts are secured in Ethereum Smart Contracts. The outcome of each duel is verified using blockchain trusted sources.

For the duelists

Duel: Challenge your friends or opponents to a duel. You decide the type of duel and the amount you want to put at stake.
Win: Well played! dueltoken.io is all about skills.
Lead: Duelists on the leaderboard earn monthly prizes.

Trustless: Your DUEL tokens are secured in smart contracts.

For the game creators

Design: Create and publish new types of duels and get rewarded each time your contract is used.
Integrate: Create seamless experiences for your users. Add the dueltoken.io features in your game and create an extra revenue stream for yourself.

Inspire: Bring another dimension to gaming, improve engagement in games and encourage better teamplay.
Facilitate: Make mainstream cryptocurrency adoption in the gaming community a reality.

For the DUEL token users

Participation reward: All duelists get a reward, even if they didn’t rank on the leaderboard.
Vote: Help us decide what games to include next and vote on platform adaptations.