updated 01 January 2018

Decentralize Silver Ecosystem

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Public sale: 11 Apr`18-30 Jun`18
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About DST

Man had an understanding of silver even in ancient times. Like gold, silver has a long history of usage as precious metal for more than 4000 years. Silver is also a rare precious metal, which plays a very important role in our modern life and technology development. Manufacturing of electrical equipment, vehicles, kitchen utensils, and various building facilities that we use every day is inseparable from silver resources.

The mining industry is a very large industry involving machinery of all dimensions to excavate valuable natural resources from underground. Mining is also a very hard, complex and expensive engineering process. What we are focused on are production of various precious metals and other projects.

With the most reliable formula as provided by blockchain plus smart contract, Decentralize Silver Token (DST) tries to meet the challenges of production quantity, development technology, quality inspection, timing estimation and investment of precious metals. It allows effective sales and development through pre-ordering of merchandise. Meanwhile, the ecosystem of DST could also increase transparency and fluidity, enabling manufacturers and franchised investors to reach P2P agreement. The smart contract and goods inspection used by DST could provide trust and pricing of the pre-ordered merchandise.

By pricing the precious metals with their production, it can allow health development and efficient management of the mining fields, and thus to achieve a milestone of high efficiency. With the protection mechanism of our platform, investors can prevent excessive decline in project milestones. A perfect capital flow and trading system has been established in mining projects, allowing all participants to conduct transparent transactions through smart contracts.

The platform will also provide broader options for the investors, so the mine owners can provide P2P capital trajectory, bringing the mine owners from the seed germination stage to the public trading on DST platform. The trading platform of DST is set up with smart contracts of Ethereum.