DroneIt World (DroneItWorldCoin) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

DroneIt World - drones flights management blockchain platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jul`18-15 Jul`18
Cap: 1343.066 ETH
(164283.83312 USD)
Goal: 1343.066 ETH
(164283.83312 USD)
Price: 1 DroneItWorldCoin = 600000 USD
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DroneIt World

Our service ease people life using blockchain system. Every client will be able to find out the precise state of street congestion (i.e. the number of cars and people) just by running the app. 

In addition, the app will have integration with electronic maps, which enables creating the route from one point of the city to another one taking into account street congestion, public transport timetable, road surface quality, etc. One more feature of our product is safety problem solution. The crated route will be assigned to the user only after blocks confirmations, that will allow creating individual routes for the users based on his needs. 

Also, the blockchain system provides traffic balancing, by creating the individual routes.

Our idea consists in the launching of an automated network of drones, which will be communicating with each other and will analyze city congestion state. Analyzing the image recorded on the drones, our system will produce the visualized information in the form of graphs on the maps and digital data. Moreover, the users will be able to watch the videos from the drones for personal analysis of the situation.

The other service feature is renting flights with the blockchain confirmation. Every user will be able to rent a flight for own discovering needs, and this flight will be confirmed by the blocks.

Token owners are qualified to use each blockchain service.