updated 01 January 2018

Revolutionize the Remittance Industry

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Public sale: 08 Mar`18-07 Apr`18
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About DPRG

Most of the people these days are looking forward towards making investments in cryptocurrency. With the advancements in digital technologies, the world economy is much influenced by digital coins. People are now interested to invest in the global market as it can help them to increase profits by a great extent. But the only trouble in this global market was the lack of trustworthy money transfer system. However, the problem is now solved by DPRG- latest Digital Currency Remittance solution.

DPRG stands for Decentralized Payment & Remittance Gateway Token. It is a global payment gateway that is designed to ease the money transfer process between peers, businesses & investors in the global market and across the world. This decentralized system can be used by businesses and consumers to transfer money safely across the globe. DPRG is built on the Ethereum smart contract technology and utilizing the Block-chain technology, it has grabbed huge attention from investors at different corners of the world. Experts are considering it to be an advanced solution to support the global economy with simple strategies to support payments at an international platform.