Doc Coin (DOC) ICO

updated 12 February 2018

Blockchain protocol for Telehealth.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 09 Feb`18-11 Mar`18
Cap: 10 000 ETH
(2 093 400 USD)
Goal: 100 ETH
(20 934 USD)
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Blockchain protocol for Telehealth.

DocCoin is a internationally available service that integrates the entire online medicine industry and provides advantages to the businesses, as well as the clients. 


Our company is completely built on a decentralized network.

DocCoin gives you access to doctors anywhere in the world through our smart contract. 

Now every user can get the specialist advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available anywhere in the world in their language.

The DocCoin service enables the patients to receive counselling, referrals for tests, medicine prescriptions and diagnosis from doctors all over the world, as well as storing medical records on a cloud service and having access to our doc in pocket application. For doctors, our service provides an additional income and an opportunity to improve their skills, by working with patients globally.



The futur of telehealth, in France there is a one which do telehealth but without blockchain, it is Visiomed Group. In fact it is the beginning because now the states in Europe allow telehealth. DOC COIN will be better because it's all around the world and modern. I have tested the support and it is efficient, believe me. I have invested in this project and i trust in this team as i trust in biotechnologies.