Doc Coin team

updated 23 September 2018

Blockchain protocol for Telehealth.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 09 Feb`18-11 Mar`18
Cap: 10 000 ETH
(2 671 800 USD)
Goal: 100 ETH
(26 718 USD)
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    Nikita Zykov
    Founder and CEO
    Kirill Sevalnev
    Elena Sokolova
    Project Manager
    Anton Gunin
    DocCoin design and Implementation
    Vitaly Shchudrov
    Program Manager
    Alina Yarovaya
    Marketing Executive
    Vyacheslav Poskonin
    Software engineer



The futur of telehealth, in France there is a one which do telehealth but without blockchain, it is Visiomed Group. In fact it is the beginning because now the states in Europe allow telehealth. DOC COIN will be better because it's all around the world and modern. I have tested the support and it is efficient, believe me. I have invested in this project and i trust in this team as i trust in biotechnologies.