Diveco Logistics (XDIV) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

World's First Decentralized Logistics Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Apr`18-10 May`18
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Diveco Logistics

About Diveco Logistics

While cryptocurrencies were gaining popularity around the world, we were wondering how to use Blockchain technology in business. From the beginning, we noticed the huge potential of using this technology in logistics.

After numerous consultations, we understood what we can achieve. Blockchain itself was not what we were looking for. We needed a combination of several solutions to create such a demanding and ambitious project.

The solutions referred to are Ethereum, Sia and IOTA. The integration of three existing projects will allow us to create an ERP system with an extremely low cost of use, while providing the highest level of services.

Diveco Logistics will be the latest generation of logistics platform and ERP system operating to a large extent in the cloud, fully based on integrated Blockchain technologies and the IoT (Internet of Things) concept in the Tangle registry. So far, no existing company has attempted to implement these technologies in commercial systems. The platform will be the cheapest, and at the same time the safest and most effective tool for business management. The use of Blockchain and Tangle registers in the ERP system will become a milestone in the development of resource management systems, because we currently do not have a more secure technology for maintaining and integrating data in the network.

Of course, there are many ERP systems currently used by companies on the market. The market on which we intend to operate is highly competitive. Nevertheless, none of the leading systems has yet to use the latest technologies, which gives us a huge advantage. The system built from scratch based on Blockchain and Tangle technologies is a step into the future.