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Digital Developers Fund

An investment fund designed to reduce risks and profit from extreme growth in the space 

Cap:249 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 1000 tokens
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Domains are the Internet real estate, with famous strings reaching seven or eight-figure sales. Since its inceptions, DDF has acquired and sold thousands of high-value domain names. DDS also invests in ENS names. At any time, 15% of fund assets are held in a reserve fund consisting of BTC, ETH and cash. The fund has an outstanding track record investing in the domain industry. DDF currently holds over 1,350 premium domains such as Swords.com, Audit(s).com, Exhibitions.com, and PR.uk. The fund management has an outstanding track record investing in the domain industry. For the past years, the fund has invested in undervalued and fast-growing domain markets in Europe, India and China. DDF currently has a net asset value of 3.3m USD and holds 1,540 high value domain names such as Audit.com, Exhibitions.com, Swords.com, PR.uk or a portfolio of country.net names (such as Belgium.net or Spain.net). DDF has already realized chart leading sales, for example cars.net for $170,000.

Crypto Currencies are a unique asset class. With high risk, high barriers to entry, they have shown extraordinary returns over the past ten years. An investment of $100 in Bitcoins in 2010 is today worth over $70m. The fund invests directly into established crypto currencies with at least 100m USD market cap that are listed on at least three exchanges. Over 320 million domain names are registered today but only a tiny amount of those domains are premium. High-value domains are generally short, descriptive and easy to remember. They are traded on the after market at premium prices. Buying and trading domains requires a range of analytical skills, tools and research into various fields such as economics, technological development, semantics, etc. It also requires a deep understanding of the mechanics of the market for domains and keywords and of the forces that drive the market on a daily and long-term basis.