Digital Gold team

updated 17 August 2018

Cryptocurrency for settlement based on Japanese gold mine development project

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 May`18-30 Sep`18
Cap: 27 000 000 USD
Goal: 27 000 000 BTC
(244 600 830 000 USD)
Price: 1 DG = 0.1 USD
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    Ryo Yonezawa
    Kazuo Kishimoto
    BEAT Business Manager / Director
    Kunitoshi Tojima
    Blockchain Development Manager / Director
    Masayoshi Suzuki
    Blockchain Technologies Development Manager
    Tadashi Kurokawa
    Responsible for Resources Development Deprt.
    Shinya Takai
    Executive Manager of Accounting Dept.
    Aika Li
    Head of Asia Region
    Sho Shinno
    Head of Africa Region