DICEGAME roadmap

updated 26 July 2018

The DICEGAME platform builds a fair and transparent ground for P2P games.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 May`18-16 Aug`18
Cap: 21 000 ETH
Goal: 4 200 ETH
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  • II quarter, 2018

    Tokens Pre-SALE

  • II - III quarter, 2018

    Tokens SALE

  • III - IV quarter, 2018

    DICEGAME integration with blockchain. Development of the DICEGAME Rock-Paper-Scissors

  • IV quarter, 2018 - I quarter, 2019

    Development of the Dice wallet. Integration of the RSP game with the DICEGAME platform

  • II quarter, 2019

    Alpha release of the DICEGAME platform. Development of the DICEGAME 1000. Listing of the Dice tokens in the stock exchanges

  • III - IV quarter, 2019

    Integration of the DG 1000 with the DICEGAME platform. Development of the DICEGAME Poker

  • I - II quarter, 2020

    Integration of the DG Poker with the DICEGAME platform. Beta release of the DICEGAME platform

  • III - IV quarter, 2020

    Development of the DICEGAME Monopoly. Integration of the DG Monopoly with the DICEGAME platform

  • I quarter, 2021

    Preparation of the DICEGAME platform to the integration with other vendors' games