Dfinity (TBA) ICO

updated 11 July 2018

The Decentralized Cloud

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 12 February 2017
End: 04 July 2018
Cap: 1 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
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Dfinity seeks to create an intelligent, decentralized cloud, an enormous blockchain that will support corporate IT systems. Dfiniti is expected to be less expensive than centralized services. This will be achieved through cheaper system maintenance and R&D spending. Dfinity expects up to 80% savings. As for technological solutions, the whole Dfinity system and all processes, including economic ones, are managed by the Blockchain Nervous System (BNS). No public ICO is planned, but a huge community airdrop of 1.25% of the tokens instead, coupled with a pre-sale round (which is active right now).