DEZOS team

updated 12 December 2018

At Dezos we deal with the protection of property.

Status: ended
Private sale: 01 Oct`18-10 Dec`18
Presale: 11 Dec`18-31 Dec`18
Public sale: 01 Jan`19-31 Jan`19
Cap: 90 000 ETH
(24 154 200 USD)
Goal: 1 000 ETH
(268 380 USD)
Price: 1 DOS = 0.20 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Security
Country: Switzerland
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    René Hauri
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Kay Stutz
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Steffen Pahl
    CMO & Co-Founder
    Christian Rieser
    COO & Co-Founder
    Achim Jenner
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Dominik Strobel
    CIO & Co-Founder
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocek
    Senior Software Engineer & ICO Advisor
    Dr. G. Sperb Machado
    Senior Software Engineer & ICO Advisor
    Maurice zum Felde
    Software Engineer
    Paul Mayer
    Software Engineer
    Sanjiv Jha
    Software Engineer
    Tim Haag
    Webdevelopment & Cloud Space Specialist
    Rainer Brosy
    Community Manager & Content Creator
    Arash Jahedmanesh
    Community Manager & Content Creator
    Frederike Steschulat
    Community Managerin
    Sven Zimmermann
    Human Ressources
    Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna
    Michael Guzik
    Urs Maurer-Lambrou
    lic. iur. Jürg Bühlmann
    Bernhard Elkuch
    Sina Rafati Niya
    Carl Christian Anders
    Marc Fischer
    Bruno Schläpfer



I can't talk about this ICO, but can do it about ICOBazaar.

Are you sure you want to risk your money in this platform? They have a good number of crypto tokens I bought a long time ago and, despite they promise they are going to send them to me, after nine months waiting there is no clue about them.


I would say there is a great risk in investing through this tool.