DeskBell Chain (DBT) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

Ecosystem of mutual motivation, building chains of exchange services, compensation and rewards among hotels, travel businesses and users.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 May`18-01 Nov`18
Cap: 6 000 000 USD
Goal: 700 000 USD
Price: 1 DBT = 0.5 USD
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About the DeskBell software package

Blockchain project ‘DeskBell Chain’ is based on the existing DeskBell service, which enables hotels to get out an important information to the guests and keep communication with them via chat. What is more, it also sells the site to promote their services. For tourists, DeskBell service serves as a guide and compass in the life of the hotel. DeskBell automatically determines the hotel, in which the tourist is located and provides accessible information, making the stay more comfortable and active.

DeskBell Chain — ecosystem of mutual motivation

DeskBell Chain creates a model of interaction between business and clients in the sphere of tourism, replacing the usual mechanisms of marketing programs and the implementation of services by motivated participation of all parties and the socialization of the service. Hotels and their guests, nearby establishments, local business and the whole region will be united in a mutual exchange of services, offers and events, with the turnover of DBT tokens, which act as a motivating reward for the participation and distribution of services.

Benefits of using the platform

For travel industry

◆ the opportunity to increase the average ticket by offering additional services;

◆ automation of interaction with customers;

◆ reduction of advertising costs through the exchange of offers;

◆ motivation of partners for mutual promotion of services and products;

◆ personal offers to different groups of users and the development of flexible marketing programs;

◆ socialization through motivated feedback;

◆ scaling the platform and the scope of DBC, according to the development plan.


For users

◆ special offers and discounts relevant to interests and preferences;

◆ special rewards in tokens for the implementation of targeted actions, including the socialization of tourist services.


For token holders

◆ the opportunity to receive DeskBell services and participate in the ecosystem of mutual exchange;

◆ opportunity to pay for goods and services of the hotel or any partner participating in the DeskBell Chain system;

◆ direct implementation of tokens to the hotels and travel business in DeskBell.

DeskBell Token

DeskBell Token (DBT) is the utility of the DeskBell Chain token based on Ethereum, ERC20 token standart. DBT will be used to ensure the operation of internal monetization mechanisms, used as a reward for users of participating in the life of the DeskBell ecosystem and filling the service. DeskBell Token acts as a unit of the internal currency of the DeskBell service, which will be used to pay for DeskBell services, and also participate in the work of the DeskBell Chain mutual motivation ecosystem. The issue of DBT will occur according to the deflationary model, which means that a limited number of tokens will be issued and no additional emission will be issued.



So this is kind of an application used to do a reservation in a hotel, and this is not limited to just one hotel.

This is really interesting, I hope this project will be success.