DeCoin (DCI) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Future of betting

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Status: ended
Public sale: 18 Dec`17-31 Jan`18
Cap: No info
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About DeCoin

Decoin - is a gambling market of predictions on the blockbchain and the first DCI coin provider. This is the next stage in the evolution of our first project (the betting exchange of football), which gave us a lot of positive feedback and ideas for further development.

In the beginning of the summer we learned about the advantages that blockchain gives and started to create a revolutionary project that is designed to destroy the iron gambling law "The house always wins", giving the opportunity, almost, to every player to win. Thanks to the deflationary coin, the proof-of-progress mining, loss mitigation system and other solutions, which you will learn about below.

Our team, which has great competence in the field of betting and development of IT solutions, has released a new prototype, designed to take; the best functional and ideas from the old foxbet, the experience of team members in the bookmaker companies and the incredible improvements that technological progress has given us in the last decade.

Coin DCI - is the only game currency that is sold in the free market and is subject to constant deflation (increase in value), at the expense of; burning part of the commission, increasing the number of players, increasing the amount in transactions and increasing the darkpool with the secondary market.

Cleverly combining modern technologies with economic theory, we were able to solve the main economic problems that cause deflation. The revolutionary method of proof-of-progress mining, gaming and analysis of large data allows to minimize the macroeconomic problem - lack of motivation for demand and transactions due to deflationary expectations.

Our team and customers believe that DCI will become the main, global currency of the gambling economy, which will be used not only by the Decoin platform, but also by any other projects on the network that want to provide people with their own high-quality services.

We offer you to change the world of gambling with us. Send greedy casino owners and cunning bookmakers to the backyard of the market. Their time has passed, the time of decentralization and openness is coming. Saddle a new wave of technological order with us.