updated 01 January 2018

Forefront data analytics secured on blockchain

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Introducing DATAVLT

The Future of Behavioural Analytics for Evolving Businesses

Regardless of the type of economy, consumers drive the demand for goods and services globally. With the exacting demands of today’s marketplace, it is vital to be able to interpret, analyse, integrate and correlate data to track meaningful trends, patterns and behaviours. Introducing DATAVLT – the on-demand, self-service, behavioural analytics platform that tracks, analyses, integrates and correlates data, enabling users to make more informed business decisions. DATAVLT aims to empower businesses by providing democratised data to those who are looking to grow internal capabilities cost efficiently. Essentially, DATAVLT is an end-to-end data/information management platform. DATAVLT primary focus is on consumer behaviour that draws basic data using parameters derived from fields such as economics, sociology, and anthropology. Correlating the data with behavioural inputs like profiling, tonality, and sentiment, allows for deeper and more meaningful analysis of the data, because these parameters have the potential to create an infinite number of analytical
scenarios that goes beyond primary utility tracking. 

Below are just few examples of real-world applications that can benefit from the insights drawn from behavioural analytics: 

  • tailored consumer experiences
  • highly targeted communications
  • focused and efficient resolution of customer service issues
  • risk management: threat and potential challenge detection
  • intimate understanding of customers/consumers for segmentation
  • insights into consumer preferences for different types of products and services