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Daneel purpose is to bring data intelligence into the crypto jungle  

Daneel (DAN)
Price:1 ETH = 1500 tokens
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Our objective

Get the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and market emotions analyses.

By using our AI based on IBM Watson, be assisted in your daily investment decisions making.”

Daneel Assistant provides unchallenged news curation and market emotions analyses through an A.I. assistant which understand natural language, powered by the reference of the market in the fields of natural language and emotion analysis: Watson, designed by IBM (IBM PartnerWorld international contract number: C5C955F4F18F5A56). Daneel will be available on a mobile and a desktop version where the crypto-investors could aggregate and manage all of their wallets safely.

Who are our partners?

In order to accelerate our development and carry out our project, we have already established an international partnership agreement with IBM. Thanks to this partnership, we now have access to unrivalled expertise in Artificial Intelligence, as well as to resources that allow us to sustainably support our project. Finally, we are also partners with one of the largest ecosystems of actors in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency sector: CryptoValley and Bitcoin Association of Switzerland.

Daneel (DAN)