updated 13 July 2018

Dafzo, Global Logistics Aggregator is First ever P2P, a next-generation open-source decentralized platform.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 20 000 000 USD
Goal: 20 000 000 USD
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A Decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform

Dafzo, Global Logistics Aggregator is First ever P2P, a next- generation open-source decentralized platform, using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. Dafzo is enhanced version of open source platform and borderless International Trade finance, e-marketplace that includes cryptocurrencies payment gateway, Mobile App pay wallet, Decentralised notary timestamp system. Dafzo parallel runs Ethereum-based smart contracts along with tradeable Utility Token within the network in order to tackle the issues of safety, fraud and smuggling, and efficiently track shipments for all logistics based transactions.

Dafzo use Blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize International Trade finance, Global e-commerce logistics and consignment forwarding system by eliminating the present-day intermediaries (including the bank) & geographical barriers in the market. Dafzo decentralised resulting ecosystem costs much less to operate for small logistics companies, provides enhanced safer technology and reliability and straightens the entire supply chain.

What is Dafzo Mission?

P2P decentralised Global Logistics Aggregator ecosystem by placing the power - entirely into the hands of the global community.

What is Dafzo Vision?

To create a unique decentralised ecosystem built around the Dafzo Utility Token for International Trade finance, P2P Global parcel forwarding system, without any geographical barrier, to empower the community & SME through a custodian & Business partnership programme for innovation, decentralization and efficiency. Dafzo aims to create a Utility Token market for the world, especially focusing on cryptocurrencies friendly countries EU, Asia and especially India, democratizing funding for new Blockchain Projects. Dafzo ERC20 compliant cryptocurrencies Smart Utility Tokens also act as a gateway to cryptocurrency based logistics markets for EU Blockchain companies and a go-to place for launching new ones, Dafzo P2P platform will help prospective business build a legal framework for digital assets and execute successful logistics projects. Dafzo in the near future allows exchanging Dafzo token from ETH to EUR or US dollars in moments through DLT programmes partnership with crypto friendly countries

Dafzo Key features

a). “Patent Blockchain” system which stand for fully automated International Trade Finance Clearing system. b). Decentralized logistics aggregator ecosystem with borderless e-commerce marketplace at a low price. c). 24x7 within city Express delivery system d). Global P2P custodian & partner programme e). contribution liquidity & benefits. 



The ico has beta launch , exp team, patent in place, have business partners. Well planned and executed ICO with possible forecasting and solving biggest challenges of logistics industry like universal live tracker , detecting early fraud on logistics , multi model delivery method, International trade finance/Int. sales without banking with ADR.


Dafzo has beta launch product named www.courierhome.com , has experienced team and going to disrupt the logistics industry, Dafzo is going to be biggest reverse logistics platform.