updated 22 November 2018

CYO Token ICO collects funding to make the CLEAN LOOP technology spread even fast. CLEAN LOOP technology is able to divide compound plastics

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Status: ended
Public sale: 19 Sep`18-15 Jan`19
Cap: 57 186 090 USD
Goal: 57 186 090 USD
Price: 1 CYO = 1.77 USD
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Global plastic waste – and its solution.

Plastic waste and its harmful effects are in the media everywhere these days. Primarily since the beginning of this year, the awareness has spread: Single use plastics are terrible - especially if their recycling is not handled responsibly. However, the problem is not as new as it seems - also shown in the key picture of this ICO campaign. The surfer riding the wave of waste stems from 2012.

The obvious solution would be not to use plastics at all. On the flipside, plastic is being used so much precisely because it’s got some fabulous advantages: It’s incredibly flexible in its use and forms as well as very durable. It also allows us to buy hygienically packed food such as meat.  

Against this backdrop, plastics processing companies are facing two significant challenges these days:

  • The new EU packaging law demands twice the amounts of plastic waste to be recycled by 2020: 63% instead of 36% = almost double!

  • the trend shift within society/politics towards real sustainability respectively even more Corporate Social Responsibility

Both factors cause procurement preferences, in general, to change towards the more ecological / ‘cleaner’ players (given a real choice B2B buyers will choose the more ecological partner/product). This effect also applies for the procurement departments of the plastic processing industry: Their job is to purchase the granulates used for the production of, i.e. yoghurt cups and they are now under more pressure than ever to procure the more eco-friendly alternative if economically available.

Up to now, the endeavour to procure more green alternatives proved unrealistic due to qualitative lacks of the available recycled granulates as well as too-small production capacities. More ecological but still economical solutions for the processing of production waste need to be found - asap.

In the very same year that the waste wave surfer was shot by photographer Zak Noyle, at Memmingen (Germany) a research and development team had started out to develop a solution.

It’s been named the CLEAN LOOP technology.


  • ready to go to market,
  • scale and
  • explore even more high-quality recycling solutions,

the team decided to make this opportunity globally available through an ICO.

You and your participation in the CYO token sale can help to get this done faster.