CyberTrust (CABS) ICO

updated 30 October 2017

We help Banks buy Bitcoin

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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Dec`17-05 Jan`18
Cap: 540 000 ETH
(100 450 800 USD)
Goal: 360 000 ETH
(66 967 200 USD)
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Goal of CyberTrust

To create a financial technology platform for institutional investors, which will help them to legally and safely own and manage crypto assets.


The only thing comparable to our project is Grayscale, but Grayscale is only a crypto fund, whereas our platform will allow for the creation of derivative crypto-financial products that currently do not exist. This will facilitate increased interest in cryptocurrency investment from large investment funds (institutional investors), thereby leading to an increase in the market capitalisation of crypto assets.


 " we will help banks buy bitcoins" ... Seriously? 
Nevertheless, I think that the best measure of this project will be the amount of investment that they will raise through closed round. Let's see the opinion of real investors. 
At this moment, I don't see any community behind this project. There are only "bounty" fans making some kind of activities in social media. 
Also, team is trying to connect fiat with crypto, but it is conflicting with the main idea of crypto - to be as different with fiat as possible. You're talking about a vault, a centralized vault, when the spirit of crypto is to be decentralized.