CVerification roadmap

updated 20 September 2018

CVerification is a blockchain-based recruitment and background verification platform .

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Status: ended
Public sale: 17 Jun`18-16 Sep`18
Cap: 150 ETH
(40 206 USD)
Goal: 150 ETH
(40 206 USD)
Price: 1 CVER = 0.0003333 ETH
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  • Q2 2017: Project Start-Up

    Opportunity identification Market research & validation Business model & processes Product conception

  • Q3 2017: Commitment

    Webpage & first whitepaper Requirements fine-tuning Mockup Legal entity CVerification Ltd

  • Q4 2017: Technology Plan

    Technology evaluation Software architecture design Team enlargement ICO listing

  • Q1 2018: Validation

    Base technology validation ICO campaign Whitepaper update Press releases & interviews

  • Q2 2018: ICO & Prototype

    ICO launch Community involvement Prototype Business partners ICO launch

  • Q3 2018: MVP & Dev

    Launch 1st BigchainDB node Basic features implementation UI/UX User authentication scheme CVER token exchange listing ATS & HRS partner

  • Q4 2018: Beta-Dev & Testing

    Smart contract fee allocation Payment integration User & company authentication Encryption fine-tuning

  • Q1 2019: Start & Market

    ATS & HRS API development Migration to Ethereum Mainnet Expanding features Smart contract audits Marketing campaign Compliance processe

  • Q2 2019: Full Launch

    Refinement of features and UI Documentation for API and platform usage New use cases for CVER token

  • Scaling & Establishing

    User base growth Platform improvement Further product development Socially responsible impact