Custom Deal Project roadmap

updated 10 August 2018

Custom Deal is a unique concept that's based on 4 pillar, who, where, when, what. It's a blockchain-powered AirBnb with a car and much more.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-30 Sep`18
Cap: 30 000 ETH
(4 091 700 USD)
Goal: No info
Price: 1 CDL = 0.06 USD
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  • Q2- Q3 2018

    ICO & Launching platform:

    July-September ICO finishes and web platform is live.

  • Q3- Q4 2018

    IOS & Android apps:

    First payment and production ready IOS and Android apps.

  • Q1- Q2 2019


    Partnerships with other startups related to our business. (i.e. online wallets)

  • Q3- Q4 2019

    Progressive development:

    Web platform running with fiat payments, building IOS and Android apps.

  • 2020

    Mass adoption:

    World wide expansion and building strong community around the globe.