Custom Deal (CDL) ICO

updated 12 July 2018

We are revolutionary travel platform, that brings sharing economy on a new level, by putting traveleres desires on a first place.

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 15 July 2018
End: 30 September 2018
Cap: 30 000 ETH
(14 239 800 USD)
Goal: 30 000 ETH
(14 239 800 USD)
Price: 1 CDL = 0.04 USD
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Custom Deal Platform

The major advantage of our CUSTOM DEAL travel app is that we put travelers’ desires first and we reverse the regular cycle of booking services through our concept of RIDER LIST where travelers can choose everything (Where, When, Who and What?) and write to a potential host about what they want on their vacation or a short trip.

Imagine that — ONE platform that allows you to create your rider list like a CELEBRITY. That is our goal!

No more searching for all the services that you need through several different apps and paying separately — we create one app that covers it all!

Our hosts are willing to fulfill and arrange everything for you, from transportation, accommodation, tourist guides, translators, shopping assistants, friends, to the reservations in restaurants you love, because they also see the opportunity to make some extra money by offering combined services.

For example, an AirBnB host can now be your driver, tourist guide, accommodation choice etc.

Blockchain Intensions

Because that is the moment when we will involve BLOCKCHAIN technology, and bring this game first time ever and first in the world on completely next level by issuing our personal smart contract ( already built ), our personal token CDL ( already created ) and give everyone countless opportunities while providing all that like early access to our upcoming ICO in July, 0% commissions for all travelers and host on our platform that hold our token, provide more transparent reviews and more security using this innovative technology from day one. We are really descriptive in our whitepaper that is attached to our crowd sale website where you have an opportunity to get whitelisted and wait ready for public ICO in July. Furthermore, if you are interested to take a bigger part in our project, like private sale investor, brand ambassador or early bird host, please let us know on [email protected] , we are looking forward to working with you on any level.